Sandalwood Face Mask – Sanwood Gleam


Pure Sandalwood Powder, Purified Aqua (moisture balance), Sandalwood Oil, Unprocessed Fuller’s Earth Powder, Oats, Milk Solids and Added Herbs

  • Square Root Co. Sandalwood Face Mask has an element of an ultimate skin revitalization and exfoliating luxury
  • Fortified with pure South Indian sandalwood, this face mask adds moisture, positive tone, damaged skin texture.

Net Weight: 85 gm


Usage Instruction

With Rose Water

* Unpack the jar carefully without mishandling the mix.

* Add a tablespoon of face pack mix into a clean bowl.

* Mix two teaspoons of fresh/ any organic rose water.

* Add more water if required to make a smooth paste.

* Generously apply the paste on face and neck area.

* Massage/ scrub in circular motion for few minutes.

* Allow the past to dry up naturally or under a ceiling fan.

* Rinse off thoroughly with regular tap or warm water.

* Dap the face with dry towel carefully after the wash.

With Kitchen Juice

* Replace rose water with tomato or lemon juice and follow the same steps.

With Aloe Vera Gel

* Replace rose water with fresh aloe vera gel and follow the same steps.

What Else to Know

* Do no use the product more than once a week.

* Clean off body part with water before application

* Avoid using hot water/ soap while rinsing off paste.

* Let the paste dry naturally without electric heat.

* Dilute the tomato or lemon juice as per skin nature.

* Do not over scrub/ massage the paste for long time.

* Avoid contact with eyes and cut marks on the skin.


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