Coffee Beans Luxury Scrub – Cocoa Ubtan

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Square Root Co. untreated fresh coffee beans are natural exfoliating agents.

* Helps remove dead skin cells to yield a smoother skin tone
* Treats cellulite and reduce its appearance for longer time
* Lower skin inflammation
* Boost blood circulation for more brightening skin texture

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Coffee Bean Powder, Purified Aqua (moisture balance),Almond Oil,Gram Flour, Milk Solids, Oats and Added Ground Minerals

Usage Instructions:

With Rose Water
* Unpack the jar carefully without mishandling the mix
* Add a tablespoon of scrub mix into a clean bowl
* Mix two teaspoons of fresh/ any organic rose water
* Add more water if required to make a smooth paste
* Generously apply the paste on selected body part
* Massage/ scrub in circular motion for few minutes
* Allow the past to dry up naturally or under a ceiling fan
* Rinse off thoroughly with regular tap or warm water
* Dap the skin with dry towel carefully after the wash

With Fresh Milk
*Replace rose water with fresh milk and follow the same steps

What Else To Know:

* With 0% additives and 100% vegan ingredients, Square Root Co. ubtan is safe for kids and works on all skin type
* Do no use the product more than twice a week
* Clean off body part with water before application
* Avoid using hot water/ soap while rinsing off paste
* Let the paste dry naturally without electric heat
* Do not over scrub/ massage the paste for long time
* Avoid contact with eyes and cut marks on the skin
* Patch test is recommended
* Store in room tempertaure and once open, keep the tin in a cool place


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