• Lavender Body Butter


      Lavender Butter is a sublime choice promoting overall skin health and radiance. This butter aids in the skin’s natural collagen production and can help protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying

      * Forms a protective barrier over the skin
      * Nourishes your skin with vitamins and antioxidants
      * Moisturizes and smoothes the skin

      Net Weight: 100gm

    • Blue Lotus Essential Oil


      Pure steam-distilled oil extracted from the Lotus flowers, stems, roots and leaves of the plant

      • Lotus oil may be used as a bath oil to promote relaxation and serenity
      • The scent of lotus essential oil is thought to encourage the body to breathe more deeply
      • Ancient Romans are believed to have used it in compresses and plasters to help with respiratory problems, like asthma.

      Net Volume: 15ml

    • Sandalwood Face Mask – Sanwood Gleam


      Pure Sandalwood Powder, Purified Aqua (moisture balance), Sandalwood Oil, Unprocessed Fuller’s Earth Powder, Oats, Milk Solids and Added Herbs

      • Square Root Co. Sandalwood Face Mask has an element of an ultimate skin revitalization and exfoliating luxury
      • Fortified with pure South Indian sandalwood, this face mask adds moisture, positive tone, damaged skin texture.

      Net Weight: 85 gm

    • Luxury Turmeric Ubtan – 24 Karat Gold


      Square Root Co. Turmeric Ubtan with real gold is an ultimate addition to your beauty regimen.

      * Full of vitamins and minerals, this is a powerhouse to provide a remarkable Ayurvedic remedy for skin pigmentation.
      * Turmeric is an effective natural cleanser to clarify skin of blemishes and blackheads.
      * Naturally enhance skin texture and increase the overall appearance
      * It’s very strong anti bacterial source which removes all kinds of minor skin problems

      Net Weight: 85gm

    • Wild Honey


      100% pure and raw honey which we collect the nectar from and bring it to you in its best form.

      * Has antibacterial and antifungal properties
      * It helps for digestive issues
      * Good for cold and cough & Anti-inflammatory
      * Builds strong immunity & Helps in weight loss

      Net Weight: 325gm

    • Almond Soaked in Honey


      Soaked up almonds in the honey, absorbs nuttiness of the almonds and makes the combination a savory for a sweet tooth. High in antioxidants n healthy. It is a super food and is rich in nutrients and lower in Cholesterol.
      • Improves the memory in growing children
      • Food digestion
      • Immunity levels
      • Cholesterol profile

      Net Weight: 325g

    • Pomegranate Lip Balm


      Give your dry lips a whole lot of love with our lip balm with antioxidant-rich Pomegranate. It happily hydrates and revitalizes your lips with a hint of color for an even, beautifully toned appearance.

      * Nourishes dry and chapped lips
      * Contains goodness of essential oil and vitamin E
      * Gives real pink rush to lips
      * No colours added

      Net Weight: 15gm


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