• Almond Soaked in Honey


      Soaked up almonds in the honey, absorbs nuttiness of the almonds and makes the combination a savory for a sweet tooth. High in antioxidants n healthy. It is a super food and is rich in nutrients and lower in Cholesterol.
      • Improves the memory in growing children
      • Food digestion
      • Immunity levels
      • Cholesterol profile

      Net Weight: 325g

    • Walnut Soaked in Honey


      Walnuts are rich in manganese, potassium, magnesium and dietary fibres that help in cutting down bad cholesterol from your body. Soaked in honey, this product will do wonders

      * Help boosting memory
      * Helps in reducing the bad cholesterol
      * Lowers the serum triglycerides

      Net Weight: 325g

    • Ginger Soaked in Honey


      Infusing ginger in honey is a wonderful way to preserve the herbs healing qualities while extracting the nutritional benefits and making the herbal remedy much more enjoyable

      * Acts as a natural home remedy for cough and cold
      * Acts as a natural expectorant and is extremely effective for Respiratory illnesses
      * Help relieve the pain and relax the muscles
      * Help lower your stress and tension

      Net Weight: 325g

    • Cashew Soaked in Honey


      Eating a mixture of cashew soaked in honey and consumed everyday increases immunity.Your delicacy will be enhanced with these pure form of preparation.

      * Helps in Controlling Diabetes
      * Reduces Bad Cholesterol
      * Cleanses Your Skin

      Net Weight: 325gm

    • Garlic Soaked in Honey


      Garlic and honey have many proven health benefits. You can enjoy their beneficial properties by using them alone or together.
      * Lower high blood pressure
      * Prevent too much clotting (blood-thinning)
      * Preventhardened or stiff blood vessels
      * Lower high cholesterol

      Net Weight: 325g

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