Square Root Co. was born out of a casual conversion between me and my mother-in-law during the pandemic with a vision to live a more conscious and holistic life. We wanted to break the monotony and intended to put a special focus on our efforts to find an Organic & Natural way to enjoy beauty, good health, and a step towards wellness.

We knew the type of organic and healthy products we were looking for, but either could not find them in stores or did not meet our expectations, leaving us disappointed. Upset, but motivated, by the end of that bittersweet summer, we knew 2 things for sure: (a) we wanted to build and feel our own brand and (b) we wanted to spend more time together. So, not so commonly, the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law duo embarked on the journey to develop their own line of Organic and Natural products which comprises of Beauty, Health and Wellness. 

What is it to do with Being Organic and Natural? 

Being Organic or Natural is just not what we claim but it is something that we believe in. Hence before selecting and finalizing any of our beauty, health, and wellness products, we have gone through rigorous testing of the products on ourselves, friends, and family members before presenting them to the world.  

All the categories in our brand have been carefully tested, tasted, and felt to ensure we are going to be authentically correct and do not goof up with someone’s health. 

SRC Beauty – All our Soaps, Lip Balms, Ubtan, Face & Body Mask and Body Butter are freshly handmade products with Organic ingredients without sulphate, paraben, cruelty, GMO, and palm oil. They are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. We pride ourselves on the fact that the products we create contain all the Organic, Natural and Vegan ingredients, and can be added to any skin care routine. It is also approved and tested organically to ensure that it is not specially marketed towards just a certain age group or gender but can be used by all genders and any age group. 


SRC Health – We craft honey that nourish your body and your spirit. We believe everyone deserves to eat the delicious, nutritious, and clean food and with Bee Box Co. (Sister concern of Square Root Co.) we are fortunate enough to first share with you. It’s simple: “yum!” is always our goal. Because everything you eat should be packed with flavor and full of joy. Our Gourmet Honey is all homemade with hand and love. We make it fresh (the day we get your order) and deliver fresh.

SRC Wellness – Our Bamboo less Incense sticks, Incense cones and Essential Oils are prepared by using natural and real flowers, sacred wood, resins, essential oils, and ancient Ayurvedic herbs. These organic ingredients which are sourced directly from the soil help us harness the real magic of aromatherapy. We blend flowers, sourced across the world to prepare 100% natural recipes that rejuvenate and unlock peace and purity in your surroundings.


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